Joint project with University of Texas at Austin

August 26, 2016

Professor Ross Baldick, from the University of Texas at Austin, visited our university between May 17th and 19th of this year. This visit is owed to a joint project titled “Power Systems’ Flexibility: From Characterization to Markets“, which is funded by a Seed Fund from PUC. Chilean professors working in this project include Daniel Olivares, Matías Negrete, Enzo Sauma and Álvaro Lorca.

Proffesor Baldick gave two seminars during his visit, titled “A Convex Primal Formulation for Convex Hull Pricing”. One was directed to local ISOs and members of industry, and the other was given to Industrial Engineering graduate students and professors.

The same joint project is funding a visit from University of Texas at Austin PhD student Manuel García to OCM, to be carried out between September and December. OCM MSc student Enrique Véliz will in turn visit Texas between February and May 2017.