Visiting Researcher from KIT

August 24, 2016
OCM received a Visiting Researcher from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Ph.D student Florian Salah, between March and June 2016. He comes from the Institute of Information Systems and Marketing at KIT, and is a member of the Smart Grids & Energy Markets research group.
During his visit, he worked alongside OCM members in 2 subjects:
1. Interaction between an aggregator and a system operator in a demand response context.
2. Solving load shifting problems through a majorization theory approach.
This work is being materialized in a working paper titled “Portfolio Design of a Demand Response Aggregator with Satisficing Consumers“. Authors include Florian Salah, Rodrigo Henríquez, George Wenzel, Daniel Olivares, Matías Negrete-Pincetic, and Christof Weinhardt.